Tips for Protecting Your Office Computer

Tips for Protecting

One of the reasons why employees need insight on how they can protect their office computers is to maintain the privacy of the data in the system they use. Apart from safeguarding personal information observing best practices is a requirement for all computer users in most organizations. The reason is that when users exercise due diligence, the company can eliminate online threats that may compromise the data they hold. Here

An Overview of IT Service Management

IT Service Management

If you still maintain an in-house IT department, then you have likely begun to discover how costly and time-consuming this task can be. It is for this reason that so many business owners are choosing to outsource their company’s IT needs to a managed service provider (MSP). An IT managed service provider is a third-party company that specializes in providing IT services to other businesses. MSPs are growing in popularity

Daily Time Saving Tips for Office Computer Users

Daily Time Saving Tips

It is a fact that all employees have a particular number of hours to work every day. So, your employees should maximize on time during working hours because it impacts their productivity. As an employer, you need to appreciate that office computers offer a platform for employees to access information that is not in line with their daily activities. The implication is that staff can easily suffer distraction while working

Computer Tip of the Day: Maintaining Mind/Body Balance at the Keyboard


It’s no secret that Americans are spending more time engaged with screens than ever before. According to experts, this time are the keyboard is having an impact on their health. When asked to elaborate on this topic, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block cited increased hours in front of screens in connection with weight gain and sleeplessness. Bright light reduces levels of the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep, and decreases leptin, which makes you

The Top Reasons to Outsource Your IT Department

To help you in making this important decision, here are just a few of the benefits you can gain by outsourcing your IT department.  

If you still manage your business’s IT department in-house, then you know how difficult this can be as IT departments can quickly deplete your time and resources. This has made outsourcing IT a beneficial option for many small to medium-sized businesses. However, you may be understandably uncertain as to whether outsourcing would be the right move for your company. To help you in making this important decision, here are just