Virtual Desktop vs Web Apps: Which Should You Choose for Your Company?

virtual desktop vs web apps

Companies face the challenge of fostering greater collaboration and increased productivity among employees. New or updated software applications keep emerging, with promises of improved security and fast performance.

Employees may work from different locations and with different types of devices, while needing to stay in sync with each other. What kinds of software solutions are best for addressing these issues?

Virtual desktop vs Web apps: Which is better for your business?

A basic and important decision companies need to make is whether to opt for virtual desktops or Web apps. For structuring your employees’ work environment, which works better?

Instead of getting stored on hardware in your office, virtual desktops run off of remote servers. Compared to traditional desktop environments, they generally offer greater flexibility and reliability; they’re also easy to manage and update across different devices.

Web apps are Internet-based, and to use them, you’ll also need to download some data from the Internet to your computing device (for example, the apps you install on a tablet or iPhone). There are a number of popular Web apps, ranging from Google Drive to Twitter. They can help you accomplish a variety of important work tasks.

When deciding between virtual desktops and Web apps, the following are some key questions you should consider:

  • How much control do you want? With virtual desktops, you can achieve greater control over your system and its accessibility to employees and third parties. With Web apps, you have less control; for instance, you may not always know how a company like Google or Twitter is sharing your data with another party.
  • Is security a major concern? If you manage your virtual desktop well, you may be able to ensure a higher level of security for your system overall than if you use Web apps.
  • How much time and money do you have? Virtual desktops are more expensive than Web apps and require more time for maintenance. Web apps are generally less expensive, easier to install and more intuitive to use.

Whatever decision you make, you should rely on experts to help you manage your IT set-up and come up with solutions that best suit your company.

To figure out whether you should choose virtual desktops or Web apps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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