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Citrix Solutions in Miami and South Florida

9 Things You Should Know About using a Citrix Partner:

  1. 71% of small businesses need Citrix for mobile workstyles.
  2. The migration is fast and affordable and there is really no learning curve since Citrix brings you the applications you’ve come to know and love and use on an everyday basis to all your devices, be it smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.
  3. 4 Corner IT can help you adopt these cloud services with a one vendor, one solution approach where everything you need from email and word processing to billing and CRM is provided in one easy to use desktop software.
  4. When it comes to cloud computing, Citrix is the #1 proven solution by over 1,500 partners. It is based on the same technology used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies.
  5. 4 Corner IT delivers those same services and benefits to small and medium size businesses at SMB prices.
  6. Citrix delivers apps and desktops to over 1. 5 billion devices around the world.
  7. 50% of small businesses think a Citrix partner solution is important to their business.
  8. As a SMB, you probably want to be mobile and have the flexibility to work wherever you want, on whichever device you want, but may lack the resources to do so. Citrix can do this and more at SMB prices.
  9. Call or message 4 Corner IT today. We’ll schedule a live demo to show you how you can get all this and more with Citrix. (954) 474-2204

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