common considerations for outsourcing to a managed service provider

Network infrastructures are changing at a rapid pace. It makes it difficult to run and maintain the various applications and hardware needed to operate your business.

Many small businesses are meeting the challenges of reduced IT budgets, resources, and staff. Due to these decreases, outsourcing network management to a professional managed service provider is becoming a necessity in order to function efficiently.

Here are some common considerations when deciding to outsource your IT management needs to a managed service provider.

The Cost

Outsourcing network monitoring and management is an often cost-effective solution for many businesses. There is no need for expensive hardware and software. Pricing varies based on service levels. However, you can expect a predictable and affordable monthly price that includes 24/7 proactive maintenance. Most managed service solutions are scalable which allows you to add or remove devices as needed.

Monitored Devices

When choosing to outsource your IT management, it is important to understand which devices your managed service provider includes under the monitoring service. Accepted devices vary from company to company. However, the most typical allowable devices include servers, IP routers, firewall appliances, printer servers, wireless access points, and more.

Additional Features

While a managed service provider already offers a wide range of features at a fixed monthly cost, there are additional features you can ask about. These features can include any moves, additions, changes, report access, status updates, and more. On-site help from an IT technician is also something that your business may need from time to time. Find out if you can buy on-site support on an as needed basis or if it is part of your service plan.

Outsourcing your IT management and monitoring is a great way to help ensure your organization is operating as efficiently as possible. You will have reliable and professional support to handle technical issues before they become major problems. This creates an overall improved user experience for your employees.

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