turning technological inefficiency into efficiency with managed it services

To small businesses that are faced with a tight budget, managed IT services may seem like an unnecessary expense. Yet the reality is that many small businesses that make this decision are unknowingly choosing inefficiency, especially with their technology infrastructure.

While businesses think they’re saving money by using their old hardware, they’re actually losing money every day because of a lack of efficiency. Many businesses that have an outdated technology infrastructure are losing money because of old desktops, under-rated server hardware, outdated software, and dated networking equipment.

recent Philadelphia Business Journal article discusses this paradox and explains why it’s so common yet so damaging. The article asserts that businesses that stick with old technology will not be in business for long because over time, the technological inefficiencies will add up against them:

“What’s holding them back? It’s a reluctance to change the way processes are managed and a concern that adopting new routines will upset daily operations and resources. What a shame! Too many businesses today feel it is easier to maintain business operations by adhering to the status quo, regardless of its numerous drawbacks. The reality is, businesses that maintain a low tech philosophy will not be in business for long.”

In other words, businesses have to first pay to have efficiency. Purchasing new plans or software may come with an upfront cost, but it saves money later down the road.

Consider how managed IT services can take many of the technology inefficiencies mentioned before and transition them into modern, updated efficiencies. With managed IT services businesses can get rid of their old desktop and switch to the Cloud. They get to enjoy the better quality hardware of the managed services provider and profit off of their software recommendations. All of these changes lead to more efficient business operations and long-term cost-savings.

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