Your staff often needs access to sensitive data and handles it on a daily basis. What they don’t know is that anytime they’re moving files around, corresponding with others over the phone or through email, they’re only a few clicks away from opening your business up to a major cyberattack. Therefore, it’s extremely important that all employees undergo security training. Follow along to discover how to train your staff to spot phishing scams and follow procedures when these situations arise.

To further understand the severity of this issue, simply check the statistics. According to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime study, 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, and only a fraction of them know how to defend themselves.

That’s why security training is such a crucial business practice. How you go about educating your staff on cybersecurity is up to you, but here are some tips and methods we’ve found most successful, in our experience. 

#1 Get them to Relate

We’re all aware that cybersecurity isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s important that your team cares about the issue. That way, they’ll really take it seriously. The best way to do this is by getting them to relate to a victim of a cyberattack and educate them on how common phishing scams and hacks occur, and how damaging they can be.

#2 Always Promote Network Security

People are impressionable and tend to follow the lead of others. Creating a company culture that is rooted in network security will impart the same mentality on your employees. 

#3 Consistent Security Training

Form a security training plan that is comprehensive, easy to follow, and consistent among all departments. Some beneficial lessons to include are:

  • How to spot a phishing scam
  • Protecting network resources
  • Their role in protecting the company and customer data
  • Password management and best practices
  • How to handle a security breach

If every employee has a solid grasp of these five concepts, you’ll be able to avoid cyberattacks from happening in the first place and have a solid backup plan in case disaster strikes.

#4 Lead by Example

It’s just the truth that cybersecurity is not at the top of everyone’s minds, including most of your employees. Especially if they don’t have a vast knowledge of modern technology and how it functions. Instead of being demanding with them, or getting frustrated at their apathy, support them through security training.

Provide resources, documentation, and communication that will help them understand the severity of the issue, and how they should handle private data in a way that will protect your business. Work with them so they understand how to follow these procedures, and you’ll see major benefits in your network security.

At 4 Corner IT, we can help your business put together a security training plan. To learn more, call us today at 954.474.2204.

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