Managed Services Support You and Your Business Breakthrough

According to a recent article from Forbes, the anatomy of a business breakthrough can be defined in three simple steps: intention, peeling off the layers of the known, and getting inspiration from outside sources. The article offers, as an example, Jack Andraka — a 15 year old who created a faster, more accurate test for pancreatic cancer.

Jack’s intention came from a personal tragedy. His uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when it was too late to do anything to save his life. Jack wanted to find a way that doctors could test for this cancer early enough for medical treatment to be effective.

Jack set about peeling off the layers of the known by evaluating every bit of current information about what guides a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. His inspiration from an outside source? An article he was reading one day about carbon nanotubes. The source had nothing to do with the diagnostic tools for pancreatic cancer.

Jack, however, had spent a lot of time gathering information about the disease and the test that discovers it. And his breakthrough moment came when he realized that carbon nanotubes could be used in the task of diagnosing pancreatic cancer.

Jack’s eureka moment, though unusual given his young age, is not unusual in-and-of-itself. Eureka moments happen in business and science every day. Perhaps you are even on the brink of your own eureka moment. And perhaps, if you could focus a bit less time on your business technology and a little more time on your business itself, that moment would come.

4 Corner IT supports the pursuit of your business breakthough. Our managed services ensure that the technology you need is running as efficiently as it can and that there is a disaster recovery plan in place so that, in the event something happens to your equipment or your data, you can be up and running again quickly.

For more information about managed IT services from 4 Corner IT and how we can save your time and protect your information while offering you the best in technology solutions, contact us.

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