That IT Network Specialist Is Going to Cost You

Outsourcing IT

Business is good. So good that your enterprise is becoming well-known in your community and on the Internet. But with the Sony hack occupying the news recently, you’re afraid that your increased exposure equals greater risk. So you spend all your waking hours beefing up security and managing your network. You have very little time to run the business itself.

The easy solution is to hire a full-time IT network specialist to relieve your business burden. Do you really know how much such that employee will cost?

  • A network support specialist earns about $49,660 per year, or $14.57 per hour, in the Fort Lauderdale area, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You might be able to hire a cheap one for under $30,310 annually. But since you get what you pay for, the best ones can cost over $86,290 yearly, or $41.49 an hour.
  • You may not have the technical background to do the hand-holding that a support specialist needs to manage your network. In that case, you’ll want an administrator at $75,630 yearly, or $36.36 an hour. Annual pay for this position can range from $43,810 to $106,660, which equals $21.06 to $51.28 an hour.

These are just the salary costs. You have to account for benefits, taxes, insurance, equipment, and other overhead associated with employees. Those can easily bump up the cost of a worker by a third or more over the salary alone. You also now have to worry about dealing with a new hire and providing enough work to justify the expense.

There is an alternative to hiring if you want the expertise of a network specialist but without the hassle of an employee. Outsource your IT company. We can come in by the hour if you have specific problems you need solved. Or we can set up a contract to ensure that your network is running efficiently and securely all the time.

Why don’t you contact us to see what we can do for you?

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