VoIP Phone Services Are More Intuitive To Use Than Landline Phone Systems
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol

One of the most popular myths of VoIP phone services oddly coincides with one of the services’ most important benefits.

Many companies today are reluctant to switch to a VoIP phone system because they think the systems are too complicated and their IT teams are not properly trained for them. VoIP phone systems, however, are designed to be as simple as possible, and after the initial setup they are incredible easy to use and maintain.

While landline phones have been the standard for business communication for the last fifty years, they are no competition for new VoIP phone services. VoIP phone systems were designed as a direct improvement to landline phones, and are therefore simpler, more intuitive to use, and cheaper.

recent Business 2 Community article discusses the simple use of VoIP phone systems and explains why they’re more intuitive to use than landline phones. According to the article, the phone systems are easy enough for just about any employee to use:

Business VoIP phone systems are very intuitive. The user is presented with an easy to understand interface on his desktop, making every function available with just the click of a mouse. Employees can pull up call logs, access email, return calls, send a fax and anything else they need to do. This greatly improves efficiency.

In addition to everyday use, VoIP phone systems are easy to maintain and upgrade because they rely more on software and less on hardware. With landline phones, do-it-yourself maintenance is pretty much out of the question, and businesses are left to call in a service to repair the system.

This wastes both time and money, as businesses have to wait until their system is repaired to communicate with clients. VoIP phone systems, however, are much more simple to maintain and do not require a professional support team for each little upgrade.

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  1. Very true, VoIP Phone systems can be troubleshooted and reduced the equipment required. Additionally VoIP Technology has advanced so much that we can make calls using smartphones, which further reduces setup cost as well as equipment required. In-fact, Mobility and flexibility are advantageous over any traditional phone system.

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