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IT support

Computer use has become as completely commonplace as telephones, typewriters and filing cabinets used to be. Computers are carefully designed to be as user-friendly as possible. However, computers are really extraordinarily complicated. They rely on a wide range of software, made to different standards by different producers. The software integrates with the internal workings of the computers in different ways.

The internet adds another level of technical complexity.

The makers of computers, software, and the governors of the internet have become adept at hiding the complexity under layers of user-friendly processes and standards, but the complexity and technical mysteries of these very complicated systems sometimes do rear their heads and cause confusion. Most business users of computers just want them to perform their tasks and get confused when the technical complexity escapes the computer’s camouflage. Here are some examples of the most asked tech questions for it support.

People like to run Windows in their offices on their lap tops but they also want to access the Windows format on their other devices. Some of the most common questions have to do with running Windows on other operating systems. The LogMeIn app is a subscription service that allows users to access their Windows systems on their portable devices.

Microsoft Office is one the most popular multi-function office utilities. Many people ask how they can access the functions of Microsoft Office on their Android system devices. Microsoft does offer acomplete version of office for Android 4.0 and later.

A lot of questions concern wrinkles in the installation of applications. Sometimes applications require special licenses or the use of thumb drives for licensing purposes.

Transferring of data is a big concern in business. Limits to the size of files is a problem for business that want to transfer large graphics or data files. Many business people have not embraced the cloud and want data to be stored on their own drives. There is a lot of confusion in the business community about the transfer of large data files.

The problem of software licensing is at the root of many questions. Small business people want to extend the use of their software. Questions concern the constraints to buying more licenses and distributing them to staff.

The use of email accounts is the source of a lot of questions. Since there are several major email systems (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) questions often arise about syncing multiple email accounts. Businesses just want one inbox.

The problem of too much access to email also comes up. Business people ask how is it possible to set permissions which can give others limited access to email. The area of administrative permissions is something that confuses many business questioners.

Control of malware is at the nub of many questions. Removing malware can be very difficult and costly. You can get training in how to remove it yourself, or can find experts who can do it for you.

Running applications faster and speeding the operation of systems that seem to run slowly is another big question source. Issues like hard-disk defragging, removing unused drivers, removing software from the start-up tray are all part of the answer. Sometimes more memory is also required.

Syncing file content across devices is an issue that frequently comes up. ActiveSync is a way to keep mobile devices up to data. When you use ActiveSync you have to set it up correctly for best results.

Battery life poses a lot of questions. How do you make batteries last longer? How do maintain battery life? Lithium Ion batteries which run most modern electronics work best if you recharge them frequently, not from full drain but with shallow charges. Keep the batteries cool and don’t plug in your device when the battery is 100% charged.

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