3 signs your small business needs a managed service provider

Are you currently researching about managed IT services for your small business? It is a common dilemma for many small business owners. You may wonder what exactly managed IT services is and if your business really needs it.

As this article states, an MSP is essentially your IT department. If something technology-related breaks, they help fix it. If you need an app devised or want to upgrade hardware and software, or take a look into virtualization, they can often help in these complex areas too.

Managed services is the outsourcing of daily IT administrative tasks in order to improve business operations. You can help determine if your business can benefit from managed services by comparing your current IT maintenance costs with an estimate from a reputable managed service provider.

Below are a few signs that may help you decide if managed services is right for your business.

There is No IT Professional On Staff

Many small businesses do not have an IT professional on staff. Often times, IT administrative duties fall into the lap of an employee who is tech-savvy enough to keep things working but not operating smoothly. Business owners then find themselves balancing technology issues while running their business. The employee who is managing IT tasks becomes unproductive in terms of their regular duties and does not have the knowledge or experience to prepare your IT infrastructure for future growth.

Your IT Person is Overwhelmed

Whether you do have an IT professional on staff or you have delegated the work to another employee, this person is probably overwhelmed with work. IT management requires various tasks on a regular basis such as software and security updates, hardware upgrades, and more. Not to mention the everyday management and monitoring tasks that need completion, even the most experienced IT professional can find this type of workload overwhelming. If your IT person is overrun with work, managed services can serve as a great resource for additional support.

You’re Being Reactive Rather Than Proactive

Many small business owners respond to IT issues from a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach. Meaning, when an issue arises, you call an IT company to send someone over to fix the broken issue. The problem with this approach is that these broken issues continually need fixing because they were not detected earlier nor fixed at the root level.

You can avoid these types of hassles by outsourcing your IT management to a managed services provider. They can continuously monitor and detect problems 24 hours a day. When issues occur, IT professionals receive notifications and they are able to troubleshoot and resolve issues before they become major problems.

Do you experience any of the above? If so, managed IT services is an ideal solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our pro-active IT support services.

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