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Businesses don’t always run smoothly. There are obstacles along the way that impact productivity and efficiency. Technology issues are huge obstacles that can create major problems that affect productivity.

According to this article, Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and computer network technical support as a cost-effective method for improving business operations, instead of having a full-time on-staff IT personnel.

Many times, business owners are not even aware of how some technology issues can decrease efficiency and affect overall revenue. Below are some of the tech issues that often rob a company of time and money when left unresolved.

You will also have a better understanding as to why a managed service provider can help resolve these issues.

No IT Policies in Effect

Having an IT policy in place is essential for helping to prevent security breaches and other IT issues that could bring down your business for hours or even days. When policies are not put into effect, it is too easy for employee errors to cause technical issues. The best way to prevent security issues is to audit your processes and use security best practices at all times. A managed service provider can work with you to create an IT policy best suited to your business.

No Data Backup Process in Place

Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a regular backup process in place. This is often due to lack of follow through, budget restrictions, or poor planning. Without proper backup procedures, your business is at risk of losing data and will lack the ability to recover in a timely manner, if at all. A managed service provider can create a continuity and contingency plan to keep your data secure.

Ignoring Mobile Security

Many businesses provide mobile devices to employees or allow employees to use their own devices. Security issues occur when these devices are not included as part of your IT systems. These devices should have the same level of protection as your desktop computers, servers, and network. Most managed service providers offer encryption and remote wipe services for mobile devices. They can incorporate all mobile devices used for business into your IT security plan.

IT issues can cause tons or problems that can have a huge negative impact on your company’s productivity. Security breaches, data loss, and massive downtime can affect revenue. A reputable managed service provider can help your company keep IT related issues from becoming major problems.

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