the long term benefits of cloud computing as your company evolves

Cloud computing could easily fall under the analogy of evolution when it comes to how things change in businesses over time.

And because businesses are always evolving, the investment in going to the cloud may be one that’s designed as much for the future as it is helping you in the immediate term.

In the realm of evolution, how does getting into cloud computing place you on an evolutionary scale? If you use the analogy of biological evolution, you have some interesting comparisons going from the primitive to the supreme.

The Early Evolution of a Business

Those who have yet to join the cloud may be considered the prehistoric life still residing in the swamp where using one’s own server makes them more vulnerable to falling behind. In this instance, it’s the expense of maintaining a server, the security threats, plus the chances that a third-party server may lag beyond one’s control to a point of lost productive time.

Up on ground are the ones who use the cloud where they have a vast set of intelligent features, security, and an assurance of fast-running computer systems. There seems to be a clear difference, yet those ones still in the swamp probably don’t make the leap for one reason: They aren’t sure the ones on the ground are safe either.

What those in the swamp don’t understand is that the best cloud services have 24/7 monitoring to assure safety at all times. Plus, there’s the assurance of the future where evolution in this case truly blossoms.

The Future Evolutionary Path of a Business

All businesses are going to grow over time, some to massive heights. Consider the evolutionary timeline of and how they went from a fledgling little online store to buy books and CD’s to a behemoth corporation revolutionizing technology and shopping experiences. In just 20 years of their existence, that’s an extraordinary leap forward.

You can look at your own business in the same light and envisioning where you might be in a decade or two. When you use the cloud, you already have features that enable instant access to information anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Down the road, though, cloud services will automatically upgrade their features for you so you’ll never have to buy new equipment. Features like Software as a Service and Hardware as a Service automatically upgrade over time so you’re gaining the latest features without needing to invest a cent.

As your business evolves, the cloud can also accommodate that growth instantly so you won’t be stuck on how to proceed. That’s evolution at its greatest when you can evolve without getting stuck in place and not knowing how to move forward.

Here at 4 Corner IT, we provide a comprehensive cloud computing service that gives you everything you need to function in the now and in the future when exponential growth occurs. We also provide other comprehensive IT services to help advance you and keep you safe for years down the line.

Contact us to find out more about how we can evolve your company and keep you evolving on a level that goes beyond just survival of the fittest.

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