network support in miami explains no cost ways to keep company data safe

Like any other small or medium business owner, you rely on such data as customer addresses, commercial transaction records, and supplier contracts, to keep your company humming.

You’ve no doubt implemented several software solutions to protect your network from hackers and malware. Such measures proved costly and time-consuming to implement. If you want to increase protection for your company information, follow these tips, which cost you nothing.

Turn Your Displays Away from Public View

If your monitors face windows, then passersby on the sidewalk outside, or spies using binoculars in the next building can observe you entering data. Displays visible from office corridors also suffer from the same visibility. To avoid this issue, position your screens so only the users can view them.

Avoid Logging In with Free WiFi Services

One way you save money and still remain connected to work is to use the free WiFi services available in coffee shops or public transportation, among other locations. Unfortunately, any hacker can use the unsecured airwaves to observe the data on your screen. To avoid this, do not use any websites that require logins, such as your personal email or company database.

Lock Up Unused Equipment

When you upgrade your mobile machines, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, what happens to the old devices?

You may just put them in an unlocked desk drawer or on your desktop, ready to be taken by thieves. Unused equipment must go inside locked drawers or locked cabinets, preferably inside a locked room where you and just a few trusted employees have the key.

Wipe the memories of such devices regularly to prevent hackers from taking the device just to access the hard drive.

If you want to know more about how to keep your company data safe, please contact us, your network support in Miami.

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