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Computer Tip of the Day: Folder Configuration

Folder Configuration

Folder Configuration A simple issue that can cause stress during the workday is organization. It’s simple to see when someone is disorganized in the office–their papers are everywhere, perhaps their coat is strewn on a table, their desk drawers are half-closed. But having an unorganized computer system is just as detrimental to productivity. It’s a simple task to spend five minutes a day cleaning up your work computer, and the

Computer Tip of the Day: Keep Your Keyboard Clean

Keep Your Keyboard Clean

Think back to the last time you cleaned your computer keyboard.¬†Keep thinking. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned yours, you would not be the only one. Although many people spend more time at their keyboards than they do in their bathrooms, they give much less thought to routine keyboard cleanings than routine toilet scrubs. According to experts, however, you should be cleaning those keys at least twice

To Boost Productivity, Have You Tried Automation Apps For Multitasking?

boost productivity

Companies regularly aim to boost productivity among employees. Employees themselves often look for ways to achieve more in a shorter amount of time, free up time for other activities, and avoid getting bogged down in costly errors and inefficiencies. There’s no shortage of articles advising people on how to become more productive. One strategy is to rely on automation apps for multitasking. Automation apps help employees handle a variety of

Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever wished there was a faster way to execute a specific command on your computer? Usually there is! You just have to remember a few simple keyboard shortcuts. Most users know the keyboard strokes for everyday functions like copy, cut, and paste – but there’s a shortcut for just about every commonly used task in most software programs. You can greatly increase your productivity at the office if

Computer Tip of the Day: Are You Managing Your Passwords Wisely?

computer tip of the day

One IT security strategy used by various businesses and other organizations is routine password replacement. At regular intervals, such as every three or four months, employees change the passwords to their accounts. The purpose of this strategy is to keep cyber criminals and other unauthorized individuals from successfully using a password. People assume that if the password changes every few months, its older incarnations will lose their relevance, giving legitimate

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