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To Boost Productivity, Have You Tried Automation Apps For Multitasking?

boost productivity

Companies regularly aim to boost productivity among employees. Employees themselves often look for ways to achieve more in a shorter amount of time, free up time for other activities, and avoid getting bogged down in costly errors and inefficiencies. There’s no shortage of articles advising people on how to become more productive. One strategy is to rely on automation apps for multitasking. Automation apps help employees handle a variety of

Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever wished there was a faster way to execute a specific command on your computer? Usually there is! You just have to remember a few simple keyboard shortcuts. Most users know the keyboard strokes for everyday functions like copy, cut, and paste – but there’s a shortcut for just about every commonly used task in most software programs. You can greatly increase your productivity at the office if

Computer Tip of the Day: Are You Managing Your Passwords Wisely?

computer tip of the day

One IT security strategy used by various businesses and other organizations is routine password replacement. At regular intervals, such as every three or four months, employees change the passwords to their accounts. The purpose of this strategy is to keep cyber criminals and other unauthorized individuals from successfully using a password. People assume that if the password changes every few months, its older incarnations will lose their relevance, giving legitimate

Computer Tip of the Day: Go To Sleep

computer tip of the day

Before you clock out for the day, you have one final decision to make: should you turn off your computer? Will it really save that much money? This is the topic of our computer tip of the day. Like this article notes, sleep mode is a power-saving state that is similar to pausing a DVD movie. All actions on the computer are stopped and any open documents and applications are

Guess What? You Already Know How to Use Office 365, (and You Probably Already Love it Too!)

how to use office 365

Because Office 365 is new to some people, they picture: A program that’s hard to set up, A program that’s only for Mac computers, Some new app that’s only for mobile devices, or Some confusing, new-fangled version of Microsoft products geared toward people who think the old platforms are useless or outdated. However, Office 365 is essentially the best of the traditional Microsoft Office platform, combined with the simplest and

What is the best adsense banner size?


Using Google Adsense on your website can be a great way to generate extra revenue.  It’s easy to set up an Adsense account with Google, and once you place the ads on your blog or webpage, you don’t need to do anything outside the usual.  Continue to optimize your website and fill it with substantive content; your traffic will increase, and ideally more people will click on the ads, increasing

Network Support in Miami Explains No-Cost Ways to Keep Company Data Safe

helpful computer tips

Like any other small or medium business owner, you rely on such data as customer addresses, commercial transaction records, and supplier contracts, to keep your company humming. You’ve no doubt implemented several software solutions to protect your network from hackers and malware. Such measures proved costly and time-consuming to implement. If you want to increase protection for your company information, follow these tips, which cost you nothing. Turn your displays

Should you shut down your PC?

Q: Being Depression babies my wife and have our minds tuned to never leave a room without turning out the lights. We still do this so I am programmed to turn off our PC at night and if we are out for a few hours. Is this dumb? A tech told me I would cause undue wear on the fan. Is it foolish to turn off the PC? Cost is

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