Building a Solid Cyber Security Foundation – 6 Essential IT Security Services

building a solid cyber security foundation 6 essential it security services

As with any well-built system, effective cyber security begins with building a solid security foundation. Without thoughtful attention to building a good foundation, a business will remain vulnerable to hacks and breaches until they finally decide to face cyber security issues head on.


When first addressing an issue, one must first assess all the security issues, both the obvious and the potential ones. Assessing a company’s technology vulnerabilities must be performed by someone with a high level of expertise in evaluating the company overall for sub-standard IT practices.


After determining all the holes that need attention, the next step is to create an pro-active plan that will address each potential threat. The plan should include both steps that can be taken in order to avoid a security problem altogether, as well as a solid recovery plan to initiate in the event the worst should happen and a breach is discovered.

A comprehensive security plan will consist of several key components, including:

Combating Intrusion

Sometimes there is a delicate balance between applying security measures to ward off the threats of intrusion, yet still providing enough openness in a computer system to allow employees to actually complete their daily tasks. A good security team will assess what their client needs in terms of effective security, but in a balanced manner, thus preventing their security efforts from hindering daily operations.

Addressing Mobile and Remote Access

Even if all employees in a given company work on-site, it is a rare company that does not allow at least some off-site mobile and/or remote access to corporate systems by their staff members. As work life becomes more and more intertwined with personal time, if not addressed, the security risks associated with off-site access means a company will remain vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

Securing Endpoints

In the past, ensuring that all corporate PCs had anti-virus software installed might have been enough to combat threats. With every passing year however, hackers and data thieves become more ingenious in their behavior. A good security plan will include securing endpoints through configuration and patch management, solid firewalls, application controls, data loss protection, and in some areas, data encryption.

Enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication

More and more businesses are enacting multi-factor authentication in order for their employees to access corporate systems and data. Many breaches have occurred from the use of woefully inadequate passwords such as “1234567” or “ABC”. Of course, companies should also support their multi-factor authentication measures by enforcing the use of strong passwords.

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Managed IT Support Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber Theft from Miami Businesses

reduce the risk of cybertheft

Network security breaches have been in the news lately. Hackers have targeted such large organizations as the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management and the Bank of Bangladesh. While security breaches at large institutions make the news, cyber theft from small businesses quietly takes place in the background.

Many of Miami’s small businesses handle more money through their computers and networks than through their cash registers. Credit card credentials, ACH transactions and emailed wire transfer instructions can all be targets for thieves. Over the past two years, cyber thieves have stolen nearly $800 million dollars from over 8000 small businesses. Regulation E, the federal rule that requires banks to reimburse consumers for unauthorized transactions, does not apply to small business accounts; individual businesses have lost over a million dollars to cyber theft and not been reimbursed.

Managed IT support for Miami businesses can help to reduce your risk of cyber theft. Instead of reacting to an incident after it occurs, your managed IT support vendor can examine and secure your network to reduce the risk of a breach. They can conduct a survey of your network to identify systems that need to be patched, and can look for systems with default passwords that a hacker might be able to guess. Developing a patch management plan and eliminating systems with default passwords can reduce the risk of a network breach.

Cybertheft is a serious issue for Miami businesses. Companies that import or export goods are especially vulnerable as they often send wire transfers. A fraudulent wire transfer is very difficult to cancel or recall.

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Network Support: Don’t Be Left Stranded

6 simple steps to business continuity planning in a disaster

Have you ever compared your business’s network and IT systems to your car or truck?

You may not realize how much you use and depend on them until they actually break down and you are left stranded with no help. When your car or truck is in working condition, it may not always require a great amount of maintenance and repair. However, there will come a time when it will need attention and regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to work properly. 

Well, you can think of your computer network in the same way. Your networks will need continuous maintenance and attention to ensure that there will be no disruptions or expensive downtime. Your desktops, mobile devices, server, and virus protection will all need proper maintenance and attention if you want to continue having a smooth ride. 

With the right network and IT support plans, your technology will be proactively managed at all times so you can have the peace of mind you need in the workplace. When your networks are working properly, your workplace productivity will increase because there will not be any disruptions and downtime. 

Spending time trying to find a solution to your network and IT problems no longer have cause frustrations and headaches on your staff. While proactive monitoring can significantly reduce some of the technical issues you may have in the workplace, problems can still arise that will require the skills and experience of trained technicians.

At 4 Corner IT, we will have a team of experienced IT professionals who will be there to solve your technology-related issues. We understand how important it is to keep your network and your data safe and secure at all times. We will ensure that your data remains safe and that your productivity will not decrease by monitoring your data and your network 24/7. When you can avoid downtime, what does that mean? More work time. 

As your business grows, so will your technology. 4 Corner IT has the tools, plans, and a team of professionals you need to keep your network working at all times so you will not have to worry about being stranded ever again. 

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IT Service Management In A Nutshell

network support tips are you still maintaining your network
IT Service Management

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone of your organization. Today’s businesses are connected, in the cloud, and utilizing IT services that are managed and designed to fit almost any budget, but what exactly is IT managed services?

You Need Help

In the past, when bandwidth was a concern, and organizations were still “getting their feet wet” in an internet connected world, many opted to hire an entire staff in-house to manage their technology assets. We were all getting used to the evolution of the World Wide Web, and social media had just begun to creep into the landscape. Now, we all know exactly what tech resources we need to stay competitive and succeed.

As the landscape evolved, so did service providers, and their abilities. We’ve seen internal IT departments become less of the “norm”, and many IT related tasks can be handled by professionals who are hundreds of miles away from a company’s office and computers. Managed services is about crafting a technology strategy that fits your budget, and your important goals, and the options available to you are better than ever. You should not be tasked with managing all of your technology resources in-house, you should focus on what you do best: Growing your business.

A Community Of Service Professionals

Managed service providers are able to create, modify, and protect your business network, 24×7. Almost any technology related task you can dream up can be accomplished by utilizing an outside source, and the support you receive should always be top-notch. Your managers and employees should be able to be in contact with a service professional who can address their needs quickly and appropriately.

Email services, virus protection, data backup and recovery, phone systems; you name it, and a seasoned IT pro should be able to assist you on your path as part of your managed services package.

Building Trust

Effective IT service management requires that a real relationship of trust be built and maintained between all parties involved. You should expect transparency and professionalism at every turn. We’d love to talk to you about how we can begin to build a partnership with you, so contact us when you’re ready to learn more, and click here to read more about our offering.

When Do You Need Managed IT Services?

managed it services
Managed IT Services

How do you know when managed IT services are the best choice for your business?

The alternatives are to wing it informally or to have an in-house staff. One makes sense if you make minimal use of computer tech; the other requires an organization big enough to justify full-time employees. For a very broad range in between, hiring outside experts makes the most sense.

Think about some of these factors when deciding:

  • Is using computer technology an essential part of your business? If so, you need to seriously consider IT management, whether it’s your own staff or a managed service provider.
  • Are 24-hour support and high uptime important? Keeping people on call around the clock has problems. An IT person who’s awakened to fix a crash will need some time to figure out what’s going on. One who’s awakened too often will look for another job.
  • Is data security a critical issue? Everyone has to worry about network security, but if you keep confidential information on your site, you need to be extra careful. If you can’t afford a security staff, you should strongly consider managed services.
  • Do you have complex data requirements? If you’re just running a static website with a contact form, it doesn’t need a lot of management. If you maintain a database with important business information, you need to make sure it’s well run.
  • Is IT one of your core specialties? Then your own people may be able to take care of your network infrastructure. Even in that case, though, it could make more sense to let your employees focus on the customers and not be distracted by internal maintenance issues.
  • Would losing all your data be catastrophic to your business? If so, you should seriously consider engaging managed services so that you have a workable disaster recovery plan.
  • Is your business big enough to justify a full-time IT staff? If not, managed services can be a more economical and effective solution.

Our managed services can keep your network safe and smoothly running at a very reasonable cost. 

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