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The Cost of On-Site IT Support in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

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If you want your booming online business to expand, the next step is to hire employees. You want to focus more on the operations and customer service, so hiring on-site IT support staff seems sensible. Here’s what they currently earn in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Computer User Support Specialists are your best bet for generalists who can handle many common IT problems.

Why You Should Focus on Support When Choosing a Backup and Disaster Recovery Service Provider

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Nowadays there are several cloud computing service providers that offer the service of backup and disaster recovery. With so many different providers to choose from, oftentimes businesses are not sure which one to pick. Some factors, such as location and price, are intuitive and self-explanatory, while other factors, such as slight differences in plans and technology, require more research. Is a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan worth It? One factor that

3 Ways that Hackers Steal Data from Small and Medium Businesses

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It used to be that hackers stole the data on your computer network by sending malware to your system. But you and other owners of small and medium businesses got wise to these methods by installing a firewall and security software. These digital measures went a long way in reducing nefarious attempts at theft. But hackers got wise. They now steal data by tricking you into physically revealing important information. The following

What is CRM Integration & What Benefits can it Offer Your Business?


The whole point of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, is to keep all of your customer’s information organized so that you have no problem keeping track of it, while also managing customer activities and conversations. This lends a helping hand, specifically, to the customer service, marketing and sales teams because with the information collected, they can better understand the wants and needs of your customers. Each day many businesses waste

Outsourced IT support is a leg up to the playing field


The thing about your internal enterprise IT support is that the latter is always a cost center and somewhat like a 25-pound weight around your otherwise lean midsection. Who hasn’t cringed under the gimlet eye of the IT manager, who, in response to a suggestion or request for more data access has replied, “No, we can’t do that now. Our system is maxed out because of the monthly usage reports

Hourly IT Support can save Small or Medium Businesses

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There may come a time when the IT department of a small or medium business becomes inundated. This could happen during the worst of times. There could be a high volume because of a successful sales promotion. It may happen when the company is providing a new product or service. When crippling technical issues do happen, they need to be resolved as fast as possible. It may be a circumstance

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