Computer Tip of the Day: Choosing a Brand for Your Small Business

Computer Tip of the Day

In order to create an effective digital business network for a small company, you must decide on a brand for the office.

The computer tip of the day is how to effectively choose a brand that will create an effective network for you.

Choosing an OS

There is now very little difference between the two major operating systems, Windows and the Apple Mac OS. Choose whichever platform supports the software that your critical employees use, and make sure that you buy computers for the same operating system for all departments.

If you are in the tech industry, you may benefit from the Linux system, but only if you have in-house staff with in-depth computer knowledge.

Investing in Mobility

If you want your employees to move with your data, you will need to invest in a mobile platform that connects to your office network. Ensure that the OS on your mobile devices matches the brand for your stationary computers.

CPU vs GPU Power

You will spend much more money upgrading your CPU power than you will GPU power; however, GPU upgrades can give you up to 1000 times the efficiency of a CPU power up.

No matter which OS you choose, make sure that you have computers that are modern enough to upgrade through their GPU. You will pay more upfront, but you will save tens of thousands of dollars later.

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