Questions to Ask When Outsourcing IT Support

questions to ask when outsourcing it support

it support

Just about every business needs IT support to operate smoothly and efficiently. While some businesses opt to have an entire IT department on site, many choose to outsource IT support to receive the same quality services at a lower cost.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing IT support, here are two questions you should ask service providers.

Do you have experience serving businesses in my industry?

Technology needs for businesses differ from industry to industry. For example, a business in the restaurant industry won’t have the same technology needs as a business in the finance industry.

Before you hire an IT support company, you should ask whether the IT experts have experience serving businesses in your industry. The answer to this question will help you ensure your technology needs will be met to a T.

What sort of customer service can I expect?

As you may know from experience, disasters can strike at any time. Therefore, you want to outsource IT support to a company that offers excellent customer service.

You should ask about the time frame in which you can expect technology issues to be resolved. That way, if your server crashes, you won’t be left wondering when the IT technicians will be on site to deal with the issue. Look for service providers that offer 24/7 customer service.

More and more businesses are transitioning to outsourced IT support due to the quality services and lower costs.

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How Managed Services for Medical Practices Differ From That of Businesses

how managed services for medical practices differ from that of businesses

Managed service providers are an increasingly common and sought after amenity for businesses, as they specialize in all things IT. Companies often utilize managed services so they can put more focus into their services, rather than being blindsided by servers crashing, hardware and software malfunctioning, or their website going down. While these should all be of concern to any practical business, medical practices often require a more specific and specialized service provider.

Managed Services for Medical

Here are several ways in which managed services for medical practices will and should differ from that of a typical business.

Ensure You’re in Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH

All medical practices must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). Not being in compliance warrants severe consequence. Individuals often lose their license to practice medicine, and practices can be fined heavily. A good managed service will make sure all your equipment complies with HIPAA and HITECH.

Familiar with the Systems Your Practice Uses

Whereas hardware and software implemented within businesses are often not too complex, the systems medical practices implement can require pundit knowledge. Any managed service your medical practice uses should be familiar with these systems and be able to offer business-specific advice about them, along with providing regular upgrades when necessary.

Prioritized Patient Privacy

The seriousness of patient files being lost or leaked can not be stressed enough. Your practice’s managed service provider should be accustomed to email encryption and be capable of secure medical record transfers when referring patients to physicians.

There are many reasons why it’s important to find a managed service provider specific to your business or practice.

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The Many Ways a Good IT Support Managed Services Provider Has Your Business Covered

the many ways a good it support managed services provider has your business covered

According to recent IT news; In 2015, hiring managers are looking for workers with very specific skill sets. Some of these include:

  • 41% looking for help desk/IT support
  • 24% looking for security specialists
  • 22% looking for general IT
  • 17% looking for cloud computing pros
  • 16% looking for network administrators, and
  • 15% looking for help with networking

However, though the demand for qualified workers is high, the number of qualified workers is dwindling. According to recent studies, most IT professionals are happy with their current jobs — that typically offer pay from $45,000 to $90,000/year, technology allowances and excellent benefits packages; and the rest of the job candidates simply don’t have the qualifications to keep up with the constantly changing technology industry. However, there is a solution

Why spend the next 3-6 months looking for numerous people to fill all of the open IT positions in your company, when your 4 Corner IT support managed services agreement has you covered in all these areas? Basically, once you’ve hired us, you’ve finished hiring.

When it comes to IT support, help desk work, general IT, cloud computing, networking and network admin work, our team dresses professionally to come see you and we’re always just a phone call away. We’re constantly making suggestions to improve your network’s speed and performance and we update our training every year with ongoing coursework. We complete your projects on time and work quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to security specialization, every day, we aggressively monitor and patch your computer network’s most critical security settings and keep them up to date. We’re monitoring your system 24/7, 365 days a year. Once we’re on the job, you can know that we’ve backed up your important data and that we’ve got a disaster/recovery plan in place for any emergency.

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Choosing Computer Management Services to Avoid Dealing with IT Issues Yourself

choosing computer management services to avoid dealing with it issues yourself


Computer Managed Services

You might be a company that’s avoided computer managed services in the last year because you normally handle IT issues yourself, or through an in-house tech team. But an IT issue might have developed recently, and you realized just how much time it takes dealing with IT issues. Even if you rely on your IT tech team in fixing problems, you still had to take time to get staff coordinated.

It gets worse when something happens on a weekend and IT staff isn’t available to take care of a problem in a hurry. You perhaps had some experience with this and knowing how challenging it is to bring someone in to fix the issue without paying them overtime. Even if they perhaps fixed the problem, paying overtime becomes expensive when you’re trying to cut corners on your budget.

An on-site IT team is expensive overall on your payroll, especially when technicians don’t always spring to action unless something goes wrong.

Things ultimately go wrong at the worst possible times in the IT world, and you’re possibly at a point now where you’re simply tired of dealing with it. With your workload likely huge, taking time to deal with an IT issue is really a back-breaker when you’re overwhelmed with other work.

What you need is excellent computer management working behind the scenes without being obtrusive.

Keeping Your Computers Running Optimally Behind the Scenes

Here at 4 Corner IT, we offer an excellent computer management solution that works internally so you don’t have to worry about calling in IT techs at inconvenient times. Our team monitors your system 24/7 and takes care of issues before they get out of control. We also use prevention tools from the beginning so it prevents the worst issues from ever developing.

We’re additionally there as IT support when you need us by phone or in person. There isn’t any waiting around to get an issue addressed when you need your computers running optimally at all times. Even better, computer management places all your IT issues in our hands so you focus on your own work.

Taking away IT burdens when you’re tired of dealing with them regularly is the best gift for yourself and your company this year.

Contact us here at 4 Corner IT to learn about the management services we provide. This also includes cloud services so you’re prepared for the worst possible disasters.

What Managed Services Have to Say about Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

what managed services have to say about anti virus and malware protection

Is it Worth it to Invest in Anti-Virus and Malware Protection?


You may be surprised to hear it, but many businesses still struggle with viruses and malware. A lot of focus has recently been shifted over to cyber crime, particularly because of the development of the cloud. But the reality is that many businesses still haven’t secured their equipment to protect against viruses that have been around for years.

Of course, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that has absolutely no anti-virus or malware protection. The problem isn’t that they’re not aware of such issues, but rather that they’re not thorough in protecting against them.

An example of this is running an anti-virus scanner during work hours. This may sound like a good idea since employees will be there to take care of any detected viruses. But what really happens? Employees are disrupted by the scanner and just turn it off. A recent Tech Advisory article explains how this happens:

“These days, it is essential that you have anti-virus, malware, and spyware scanners installed on all machines and devices in your company and that you take the time to configure these properly. It could be that scans are scheduled during business hours, or they just aren’t updated. If you install these solutions onto your systems, and they start to scan during work time, most employees will just turn the scanner off thus leaving systems wide-open.”

So even if you have anti-virus software installed, you’ll want to make sure that it’s configured right. In addition, try to run the scanners at a time when employees aren’t at the computer. This way there’s no one there to cancel the scan.

This is an easy step that businesses can take to avoid a common problem. After all, they say that you’re supposed to work smarter, not harder.

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